Low Pressure Moulding technology was initially used in the automotive industry to waterproof connectors and to add effective strain relief for wires and cables.

Low Pressure Moulding is now used to provide electronics encapsulation for:

Consumer products

Military products

Medical products

Automotive products

Industrial products

Example 1

Control Electronics for Automotive Sensor moulded with Macromelt OM6208S


It is the low pressures applied during the moulding process that prevents any damage to electronic components. The enclosure protects the electronics from external influences (moisture, mechanical stressing).

Example 2

Complex PCB assembly overmoulded with Macromelt OM6208



Complete overmoulding of the PCB assembly to provide IP67 protection and moulded in a two stage process.

Example 3

Grommet inserted-moulded with Macromelt OM638


One of the strengths of the moulding process is the possibility of moulding grommets in the places where they are needed in any shape or size. The moulding can also include strain relief